byroncaloz (byroncaloz) wrote in silent_films,

Paradise For Buster

I have seen Paradise for Buster twice in my life now; first in 1995 or 1996 at the Keaton Festival in Iola, Kansas and just today at home via a VHS tape.

Have you seen it? If you have seen it on anything other than the official John Deere Home Video tape, maybe you can tell me if I remember it correctly or not.

I believe, from the showing I saw in Iola, that mid-way through the film Buster just happens upon a fence post which is topped by a toy. Buster looks directly at the camera (breaks down "the 4th wall") and goes on. To me this was one of the best moments of the film (doesn't sound all that funny, but on purpose I did not provide all of the details).

The question is, do I remember this correctly or not?

Because, if I did remember it correctly, that moment was CUT from the John Deere Home Video tape (which came out in 1987).
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