emaline5678 (emaline5678) wrote in silent_films,

Entertainment Weekly's top 100 films issue

EW released what they consider the top 100 films. Of course, not a lot of silents were on the list. "Sunrise", "The Gold Rush" and "Intolerance" might have been it (I'll have to check it out again. I'd post a link, but I'm crunched for time here. I'm sure someone can find it online).

What upset me the most though, was no Buster Keaton. I mean, I know Chaplin's number one, but where's the Keaton love? Keaton's films are so sweet, funny, full of great stunts and usually cleverly done. "Sherlock jr" would have been my pick, but most critics choose "The General". What does everyone else think?
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