emaline5678 (emaline5678) wrote in silent_films,

"The Butler" (1916) causes drama after almost 100 years

"The Butler" is a 1916 short film that Warner Brothers' currently owns. It stars Davy Don and Florence Williams. I'm assuming it's still around (I haven't seen it yet) because I doubt WB would cause such a fuss over a lost film. WB has sued TWC for using the title of "The Butler" for their new film starring Forrest Whitaker and Oprah. A judge recently reversed the appeal by TWC (according to EW.com and imdb.com) so unless they want to pay $25,000 every day to promote the film, they'll have to change the title.

I think it's funny that even a little short silent film can still be important enough in this day and age. I read somewhere else that WB mainly made the fuss because they want the rights to "The Hobbit", but whatever. They won anyway. TWC will probably change the title to "Butler" or something instead.

Anyway, go silent films for still counting in this day and age - even if it's just to cause trouble. It just goes to show those big studios that you can't forget about any film - even if it's almost 100 years old!
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